GMn/nTPE analysis meeting 2023 05 05

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Agenda: topics of discussion:

  • Broader analysis roadmap/direction - Zeke has a starting point Diagram
  • Systematics & Statistics: Sources of systematics:
    • detector efficiencies (most notably HCal)
    • inelastic events subtraction;
    • kinematics - compare average effective Q2 for SBS8 and SBS9 (specific to nTPE);
  • What are necessary milestones for a preliminary result List of steps/milestones towards analysis


  • Analysis roadmap needs to include the evaluation of systematic uncertainties;
    • side question on radiative corrections: Evaluating their effect requires the comparison of an analysis on Monte Carlo with radiative corrections and without radiative corrections.
  • Systematics: Will complete the list of systematics uncertainties.
    • Side discussion on HCal selection: need to evaluate systematics due to the selection of the highest energy cluster for the nucleon candidate;
  • Milestones for preliminary results need to be completed and expended.
    • I will contact people to obtain an assessment on the calibration of the different subsystems for the next 2-3 meetings;
  • Question on the attempt to analyze p(\gamma pi^+)pi N from SBS9 (brought by Anu):
    • we have to assume E(\gamma) = E(beam);
    • ideally we want only a neutron: will tBB resolution allow us to resolve n from pi N?
  • Question on the relevance of getting dedicated p(\gamma pi^+)pi N data for GEn-RP: would need investigation.