GMn/nTPE analysis meeting 2023 05 12

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  • Spreadsheet of analysis tasks
  • Short summary of calibration status [1]
  • Andrew: Pathological behavior of BigBite optics model in extreme regions of the acceptance, "fiducial cut" for validity of optics model.
  • Provakar: modifications to easily process different kinematics with a single script and database.


  • Andrew:
    • with the analysis of downbending tracks (SBS9), found that all tracks reconstructed outside of the optics model fiducial limits may have non sensible/non physical parameters.
    • proposes to add a fiducial selection to account for this, that is easily transposable to other kinematics
  • Provakar:
    • modified the Monte Carlo processing script accomodate for time stamps. Takes one integer to choose the kinematic setting and one short function to set the time stamp according to this integer
    • people will need to update their SBS-offline and SBS-replay after these modifications have been integrated in master branch.
  • Eric: catching up on the different efforts, mainly calibration.
  • Next week meeting postponed due to the Software and Computing workshop