GMn/nTPE analysis meeting 2023 05 26

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  • Discussion on "path to results": "Guide"
  • Calibrations and organization for "pass 2"


  • Path to results:
    • Selection: boils down to fitting the "DeltaX" distributions (need more details):
      • Question on how to account for p, n detection efficiency: short answer: Efficiency close to 1 and very similar for p, n; (comes as a factor when trying to estimate sigma, not N)
    • Estimation of correcting factor ("f_corr"): heavy use of Monte Carlo (addresses the question on "what MC should be used for")
    • Estimation of physics quantity and uncertainties: simple algebra using Nen,ep, f_corr
  • Calibrations: Arun will give an update next week.
  • Anu: short update on HCal calibration with pi-N;