GMn/nTPE analysis meeting 2023 06 16

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  • Calibrations for pass 2 -
  • Questions about \theta_{pq} cuts [1] - Anu
  • AOB


  • HCal:
    • summary of calibration status HCal SBS4 for pass2, *preliminary*: Good progress, need to double check the nature of the MC spectra (raw MC energy deposit? smeared with p.e. statistics? digitized?);
    • Developed another method to estimate the efficiency, applying an anticut on the HCal dx variable: agrees with other estimations
  • Questions on selection of elastics on theta_pq on SBS4 30%: theta_pq can still be employed to separate protons and neutrons (equivalent to elliptical cut on HCal dx/dy); at this setting the n/p misidentification will be larger
  • Difference between hodoscope time and BB time suggests that we see the 4ns beam structure [2] [3];