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<<SBS Main<< HOW TOs (BigBite Spectrometer)

These notes are from [GRINCH LED gating signal added]
  • To enable GRINCH LED pulser, run the following on a host with remex installed (FIXME: experts can fill in the user@host here please)
 remex grinchROC7 "tiSetOutputPort(0,1,0,0)"
  • To disable GRINCH LED pulser, run :
 remex grinchROC7 "tiSetOutputPort(0,0,0,0)"

Reboot instructions

  • Go to the reboot switch hareboot14 (use 'hlauser' login)
  • Click on 'Outlet Action:Control' and cycle the power on switch 8 labelled GRINCH LED pulser
  • Make a HALOG entry noting what you did and why.