RC meeting and Run Plan, Monday November 28th

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Return to the RC Meeting Calendar

RC Meeting Information

Time:at 3:30pm today

  • Location: Counting house conference room

RC Updates

Summary from Day 11/25 to Owl 11/28

  • Friday 25
    • Reference cell filled with N2 at 10 atm. Three runs at 1, 5 and 5 uA.
    • Reference cell lost pressure and later with the data analyzed, we determined the cell was broken.
    • Raster studies from Mark and Simona.
  • Saturday 26
    • Owl and half Day shift cancelled.
    • Andrew L. placed the Sieve slit and Optics Run started.
    • Due to a reported software issue, we were not able to set the single carbon foil, so the full Optics ran on multi foil.
    • Plan finished at midnight.
  • Sunday 27
    • Shifts cancelled.

Short term run plan

  • Clean the debris from the broken cells.
    • Address the situation in the enclosure.
  • Install the target and reference cell.
  • Remove the sieve slit.
  • Connect the Deuterium bottle.
  • Hodoscope missing channels repair
  • HCal coincidence trigger width change

Hall Access

  • Target group to repair the cells.
  • Ralph to repair or investigate dead hodoscope channels. Ladder to access the BB platform.
  • Jiwan to change the coincidence trigger width.