RC meeting and Run Plan, Monday October 3rd

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RC Meeting Information

Run Coordinator: Donald Jones

Location: Counting House Conference Room

Time: 3:00PM

Main topics for discussion

  • Target cell work (alignment and installation update)
  • Laser work
  • Magnet tests
  • Shift schedule (target operator training/shifts)
  • Limited RADCON support over weekend (Doug H.)

Commissioning run plans

  • Beam line (1-2 shifts) Sept 30.
    • Beam centering and target alignment
    • Raster calibration
    • BCM and BPM calibration
  • Corrector adjustment procedure
  • GEMs run plan
  • Charge feedback system
  • Optics and calibration
  • Moller polarimeter (1 shift) Oct 7
  • Target commissioning
  • Bigbite commissioning (preshower, shower, GRINCH)
  • HCal commissioning

Subsystem status reports

  • Hall A Status -- Jessie Butler
  • Target status/timeline (training?) -- Arun
  • Beam line:
    • Monitors (calibration) -- Simona
    • Correctors -- Bogdan, Iuliia
  • Tentative run plan document -- Bogdan
  • Alarms
  • Analyzer -- Andrew
  • DAQ -- Alex
  • HCal -- Jiwan
  • Spectrometer magnets -- Jack
  • GEMs/Tracking -- Holly
    • Are new HV controls, alarms, gas flow monitoring procedures, EPCIS tracking in place?
    • Shift checklist ok?
  • Shower Calorimeter -- Provakar
  • Beam polarization -- Don


Run certificate signed and yellow binder en route to Counting House. Yay! Provokar wants to take measurements with SBS + BB on overnight to calibrate shower and preshower PMT HVs. Will go to Power Permit after meeting. Discussed early run plans.