RC meeting and Run Plan, Monday Sept. 18, 2023

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RC Meeting Information

Time:at 3:30pm today

  • Location: Counting house conference room
  • ZoomGov Meeting Connection Information


Useful Links


  • Hall A call-in instructions:

- Call RC first.
- Techs on site 7-4:30 Mon-Th, 7-11AM Fr. RC will call Hall A work coordinator (Zak) during normal working hours. After hours, RC calls Tech on-call.
- After 9pm everything non-emergency needs to be deferred. What is emergency and what's not? Call RC. RC talks with Mark to decide.

  • Hall Access procedure:

- Access check list (binder on the counting room desk) needs to be filled out before making an access.
- Scan (take pictures with phone) and post it to the logbook.
- Any work inside the SBS, BB boundary need to have PS locked out -- requires two QEWs to throw the big switch. Exception: field measurements.

  • New instruction for shift crew when changing target:
    • Beam restoration instructions have been updated. Printed version is in the counting room.
    • When we chnage target, make sure the SOFs of Target BPMs are set to the correct values.
    • SOFs for different targets: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4179164

Readiness for Beam

  • CW beam is ready, 30uA.
    • There was a couple of times beam was unavailable during the day shift. 1L04 HV drops (down for 1.5h).
  • We had an escorted access to resolve the faulty cooling jet flow readback issue.
    • This alarm triggers the FSD, and it happens a few times (5-8/day over the weekend, also a few this morning).
    • Ellen suggested to increase the flow rate so that even with a dip, it won't be enough to drop the FSD.
    • Todd came in and increased the flow rate.

Access on Wednesday

  • SBS PS flushing, restricted access 4-6hrs
  • C-hole target work
  • Laser check
  • Alex: TS crate GRINCH FAN VXS reboot, threshold RPi mointor
  • BB GEM layer3 hardware fix (~2h)
  • Ellen: Grinch bottle weight readback
  • Todd, Eric: Grinch gas camera alignment
  • Jiwan: Hcal
  • Don: Moller target magnet

Subsystems Checklist

For each subsystem we ask that the responsible person go over the following points:

  1. The overall status of your subsystem
  2. Will your subsystem be ready well before Hall lock-up on Friday or at the latest by Monday morning?
  3. Does your system being ready depend on your team only or are outside resources required?


  • SBS magnet and Bigbite magnets
    • work as expected
  • Corrector magnets:
    • work as expected
  • Target status (magnets, measurements, laser, installation, alignment, polarization, power etc)
  • HCal (Jiwan Poudel)
    • VME DAC GUI does not read the correct threshold -- pending issue to be fixed
  • Bigbite (Arun Tadepalli)
  • Counting House Alarms (Bill Henry)
  • DAQ (Alex Camsonne)
  • GEMs (Holly Szumila-Vance)
  • Moller polarimeter (Don Jones)
    • Hall C is going to do the Moller measurement tomorrow.
  • Hodoscopes:

Shift schedule

  • Need a swing TO for Tuesday

Preliminary run plan

Take production data

List of items in case target isn’t ready:

  1. Take data on reference cell at 10 atm H2 (portions that add up to 1 day)
  2. BigBite Sieve slit => only during day (Techs needed)
    1. with 8 carbon foils and take optics for 1 hr at 40 uA (Sean/Andrew - confirm time)
    2. 1 hour for single foil (magnets off) => Chance BBcal HV setting to appropriate values
  3. Moller measurement
  4. BigBite/single foil location reconstruction (~20 mins?) - BigBite + HCAL detector experts on call consulting analysis experts like Andrew/Sean (magnet on)