RC meeting and Run Plan, Sunday October 2nd

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RC Meeting Information

Run Coordinator: Donald Jones

Location: Counting House Conference Room

Time: 3:00PM

Main topics for discussion

  • Target cell work (alignment and installation update)
  • Laser work
  • Magnet tests
  • Shift schedule (target operator training/shifts)
  • Limited RADCON support over weekend (Doug H.)

Commissioning run plans

  • Beam line (1-2 shifts) Sept 30.
    • Beam centering and target alignment
    • Raster calibration
    • BCM and BPM calibration
  • Corrector adjustment procedure
  • GEMs run plan
  • Charge feedback system
  • Optics and calibration
  • Moller polarimeter (1 shift) Oct 7
  • Target commissioning
  • Bigbite commissioning (preshower, shower, GRINCH)
  • HCal commissioning

Subsystem status reports

  • Hall A Status -- Jessie Butler
  • Target status/timeline (training?) -- Arun
  • Beam line:
    • Monitors (calibration) -- Simona
    • Correctors -- Bogdan, Iuliia
  • Tentative run plan document -- Bogdan
  • Alarms
  • Analyzer -- Andrew
  • DAQ -- Alex
  • HCal -- Jiwan
  • Spectrometer magnets -- Jack
  • GEMs/Tracking -- Holly
    • Are new HV controls, alarms, gas flow monitoring procedures, EPCIS tracking in place?
    • Shift checklist ok?
  • Shower Calorimeter -- Provakar
  • Beam polarization -- Don


Laser polarization measurements were completed. Magnetic field measurements good enough for run certificate. Mark sent email to Ed Folts saying things were done and we are ready for beam. Jessie will complete hot checkout during the day shift and then take the hall to Controlled access.