RC meeting and Run Plan, Thursday, December 15th

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RC Meeting Information

Current RC: Andrew Puckett
Time: Daily at 3:30PM
Location: Counting House Conference Room

Remote Connection Details

Shift Schedule

All shifts canceled through holiday shutdown; many openings in 2023 (owl shifts especially)

Until Shutdown

All shifts are canceled :(

After Returning

There is a need for OWL shifters. Please encourage your students to take some owl shifts. A string of owl shifts are easier to do than doing one here and there.

Accelerator Status

A significant beam excursion event combined with masking of target ion chamber FSDs resulted in the destruction of the polarized Helium-3 target cell Hunter yesterday on swing (see below) and other damage to the upstream beamline TBD.

Current Status

Controlled access, target enclosure locked. Full survey done: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4102131

Hall A RC summary at today's MCC morning meetings

Timeline of log entries associated with the beam excursion and cell rupture incident

Wednesday, December 14

Thursday, December 15 (today)

Shift Summaries

Moller Measurement

  • Moller measurment during SWING
20047 IN 10um Fe 86.11% 0.15%
20048 IN 11um Cu 0.07% 0.17%
20049 OUT 11um Cu -0.14% 0.16%
20050 OUT 10um Fe -86.46% 0.15%

Issues remaining

  • BB GEM APV unreachable and cannot be repaired at this time.

Short Term Run Plan

  • All shifts canceled until holiday shutdown
  • Need to get RadCon in to clean up target enclosure to keep plans on track for Kin. 4 preparation. Clean-up won't happen today, should start Monday due to ALARA.
  • Hall A will go to restricted access so the tech team can get a head start on bringing equipment into the hall for the spectrometer moves.
  • Prepare for Kin. 4

Planned Accesses to the Hall

  • Andrew L can complete a few preliminary tasks in preparation for the spectrometer moves: wants to know if there are any other magnetic field measurements needed before moving magnets?

Special Requests


Notices in Effect for Shift Crew

  • Power down SBS, BB, and Detector HV before making an access to the Hall

Data Collection Status

  • 80 out of 141 days (~56.0%)
  • Total uncorrected accumulated charge on He3: 62.033 C out of 232C (26.74%)
    • 2-Pass: 13.467 C
    • 3-Pass: 48.566 C (Final number for kin-3)