RC meeting and Run Plan, Thursday, November 17th

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RC Meeting Information

Time:at 3:30pm today

  • Location: Counting house conference room

RC Updates

Summary of swing 11/16 - day 11/17

  • Continued production run with polarized He3 target @45uA current (last production run in this morning has polarization 43.9%).
  • Eric and Don started Moller measurement starting from 8:30am today. SBS and BB were turned off, and magnetic field in target is adjusted using Helmholtz coil.
  • Issue with BCM x10 during Moller Measurement, work around swapping cables (with the help from Simona).
  • During beam downtime, Gordon measured the NMR turning on both BB and SBS magnets (around 13:15 and new polarization is 47.8%).
  • Gordon also accessed hall to optimize the target during longer beam downtime (around 13:45)

Short term run plan

  • Complete the Moller measurement and mini spin dance with 30 mins data taking on -20 and +20 deg in addition to current 0 deg Wien angle.
  • Continue production data taking
  1. 45uA of beam current | Use ps3=0, ps5=3, ps2=15, rest =-1 | One hour long runs
  2. Move the target to the pickup coil position, and do NMR sweep around every 3 hours
  3. Return to step 1

Current Issues

  • Dump right Ion chamber cabling needs to be changed (Jerry Kowal is aware of this)