RC meeting and Run Plan, Tuesday, January 17th

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RC Meeting Information

Current RC: Donald Jones
Time: Daily at 3:30PM
Location: Counting House Conference Room

Remote Connection Details

Current Status and Run Plan

Moller dipole magnet power supply repair was partially successful in that the current no longer sags; however, it trips after 15 minutes. Further work will happen during tomorrow's maintenance day. Hall B now planned to come up on Jan 25. Run plan is production at 45uA on He3. Fit Moller in whenever power supply is repaired.


  • Maintenance day tomorrow 8-4. Going to controlled access. Be ready to get your stuff done. Coordinate with Arun (RC).

Shift Schedule

Full shifts starting Day Jan 11th. Please sign up[1]

Meeting Summary

  • Raster work (Bill Gunning, Mark Jones, Jiwan Poudel, Bill Henry). Trying to get rid of "shoulder" in raster pattern. Will have to work in hall tomorrow to engage two power supplies. For now running on a single one.
  • Target polarization last night was around 45% but now 42-43%. Gordon asked Bill to see if anything has changed. Suggests we need to slowly increase oven temperature to optimize and then sneak laser power up after that.
  • GEM group going into Hall to check APV on BB and replacing power supply on SBS (3 or 4 folks in hall). Minimum of 3 hours.
  • Jack needs to replace heavy gas bottle in hall for GRINCH (Carlos will coordinate with Jack to ensure it happens)
  • Provakar needs to check on 2 flaky BB cal channels. Might be quick (3hrs).
  • Todd wants to go in check on reference cell system.
  • Charge asymmetry appears to be bigger. Paul is monitoring and will check again in an hour or so.

Need to call GEM on call if going to 45uA.

Things to follow up on