RC meeting and Run Plan, Tuesday December 13th

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RC Meeting Information

Current RC: Eric King [ericking (@jlab.org or @temple.edu)]
Time: Daily at 3:30PM
Location: Counting House Conference Room

Remote Connection Details

Shift Schedule

Link to Schedule

Until Shutdown

All shifts are full! :)

Accelerator Status

Lost some production time due to accelerator issues

  • Tuesday OWL -- 2L12 dropped out of HV ~3h15m [DT Event ID: 17476]
  • Tuesday OWL -- Bypass 2L21 ~30m [DT Event ID: 17475]
  • Tuesday OWL -- 2L21 dropped out of HV ~20m [DT Event ID: 17474]

Current Status

Took production data on 3-He during OWL, Moller measurement and SBS target systematic studies during DAY (Moller HH magnet quenched), return to production or Moller during SWING.

Shift Summaries

Things That Happened

On the Hall side things were largely uneventful during SWING and OWL.

  • Moller magnet quenched at 62 amps, measurement cancelled. 4100773
    • Moller magnet cooled back down. 4100805
    • Don and I spoke with Bogdan and came to the agreement to not turn production beam back on yet and try to re-train the Moller magnet.
  • BB HCal GUI froze while turning off Detector HV this morning; Jiwan turned off using secondary method.
    • Difficulty turning back on.
    • Sebastian and Bob came in to help troubleshoot. Hall access was made and HV card replaced. 4100819

Beam Current

We've been happily running at 40uA when taking production data.


Target polarization has been stable. List of the recent polarizations

  • TUE 14:20 → 43.9% (Beam off for a while) 4100829
  • TUE 08:00 → 40.8% (Beam off 2hr) 4100714
  • TUE 07:09 → 41.6% (Beam off 1hr) 4100705
  • TUE 06:05 → 42.8% 4100691
  • TUE 01:00 → 41.2% 4100601
  • MON 20:50 → 41.6% 4100534
  • MON 17:10 → 42.0% 4100486

Møller Measurement

Moller target magnet quenched. Perhaps re-do measurement during SWING?

Issues remaining

  • BB GEM APV unreachable and cannot be repaired at this time.

Short Term Run Plan

  • Continue production run on He3 target, 40 uA
  • Use GEnII-noSBSGEMs DAQ config
  • Use ps3=0, ps5=6, others =-1
  • BBCal threshold at -366 mV, HCal threshold at -19 mV
  • NMR measurement every 3 - 4 hours, close to 4 hours is better

Planned Accesses to the Hall


Special Requests

Please email me ericking (@jlab.org or @temple.edu) if there's something to be added.

Notices in Effect for Shift Crew

  • Power down SBS, BB, and Detector HV before making an access to the Hall

Data Collection Status

  • 78 out of 141 days (~55.3%)
  • Total uncorrected accumulated charge on He3: 57.710 C out of 232C (24.86%)
    • 2-Pass: 13.467 C
    • 3-Pass: 44.243 C (Tuesday 8AM)