RC meeting and Run Plan, Tuesday February 21th

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RC Report


  • Beam delivery is as usual
  • We had ~45 uA beam some times
  • Total charge collected over last three shifts is just 0.9C


  • Average beam current is on the level of 1/3 of projected 45 uA

Current Status

  • Production on He-3 target when beam is available

Run Plan

  • Continue running 45 uA on He3
  • Accelerator will prioritize beam and not have any maintenance days this week

Data Collection and Polarization Status

  • 38.6C of uncorrected charge for this kinematic (44.0C of corrected charge which is 28% of the plan)
  • Last NMR 51%

Other Topics/Status Updates

  • 8 Target Operator Shifts need to be taken
  • Readiness for Monday 3/27 target replacement
  • Moller polarimeter readiness for 3/28 run

Requested Accesses to the Hall

  • Holly need access related to SBS GEM electronics