RC meeting and Run Plan, Wednesday November 16th

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RC Meeting Information

Time:at 3:30pm today

  • Location: Counting house conference room

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Current Status

Accelerator and Hall Status

  • Beam came back around 1:30am. We were finishing up some target testing, so couldn't take beam immediately.
  • Around 3am we started beam checkout. Tuning beam to the hall took a long time, as expected! At 6:30am we started taking data on H2. Thanks to Simona for being there the whole time.
  • BB GEM UV layer0 HV tripped. GEM on call was contacted and the issue was fixed quickly. Thank you Manju. 4084885
  • Gordon instructed to do an NMR sweep at around 9:00 am and then start production. NMR sweep at 9:20am showed 43% polarization. We are taking production since then. 4084870
  • Moller measurement is scheduled for tomorrow day shift.
  • HWien angle was changed from -14.2 to 0.0 deg yesterday. The laser spot was moved to a new location with higher QE as well. 4084408

Current Issues


  • Dump right Ion chamber unresponsive. For now director of operations agreed to allow running with just one dump IC. - Dump right IC is still down! Jiwan will follow up with Jerry Kowal.

Run Plan

Current Plan

  • Continue taking production data
  1. 45uA of beam current | Use ps3=0, ps5=3, ps1=-1, ps2=15, rest =-1 | One hour long runs
  2. Move the target to the pickup coil position and do an NMR sweep every 2/3 hours
  3. Return to step 1.


  • Moller measurement - Thursday 11/17 (Start at 8am) (Tentative time for Mini Spin dance?)
  • Optics runs with sieve in - Towards the end of this pass
  • Calibration runs on H2 - We have barely enough!
  • GEM luminosity study - Opportunistically | High current on C-optics | sieve out

Subsystems Updates

Polarized Target

  • Polarization: 43.9% (03:30pm)

Instructions for Shift Crew

  • Keep an eye out for drifting BPM positions and TS1-BBHI rate. Post a screenshot of the relevant strip-charts and GUI twice every shift.
  • If beam has been down due to accelerator issues perform a checkout of the beam profile by doing harp scans and check beam centering on target using the Carbon hole target, see Simona's procedure: procedure, If in doubt about whether you should go through the beam checkout procedure, call Run Co-ordinator.
  • Cross check the rate with what is expected: He3, H2
  • Cross check with the expected ion chamber readings: log
  • If holding field is changed for any reason, do NOT perform an NMR measurement.

Be sure to follow these procedures:


Experimental progress (for MCC planning meeting)

  • 8.6% of accumulated charge for production data (19.9 Coulombs out of 232)
  • 36% Experimental run time (52 out of 141 days)