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To start the EPICS alarm handler

Log in as aslow on hadesk9 (preferably on the hadesk9 console) then type


This brings up the EPICS alarm handler GUI window. It is important that you run this command on hadesk9. It will not work on any other hadesk computer.

Expert Directions

In order to add or remove groups or fields from the main Alarm Handler, edit the main.alhConfig file. For the SBS GEn experiment, this file is located at:


In that file, you will find INCLUDE statements for all major systems, for example, lhrs.alhConfig or sbs.alhConfig. If you want to remove an entire system, comment out(#) the corresponding file in the main.alhConfig file; to edit a system, edit its corresponding *.alhConfig file.

In a given system *.alhConfig file, to add a field or channel, we do:

 CHANNEL MY_NAME     epics_process_var_name      ---T- 
 $COMMAND edm -noautomsg -eolc -x -m "sig=epics_process_var_name" generic_alarm_set.edl >> /dev/null 
 Some helpful message describing the variable and its associated system/function 

The command function brings up a GUI that lets user edit the low and high (and/or LOLO and HIHI) limits for a given process variable. It calls the EPICS Display Manager (EDM) which takes the arguments of the signal name (sig), and the EPICS Display List (edl) which defines what the GUI will look like.

To comment out variables from a file, use the # character at the start of each line for that variable.