RC meeting and Run Plan, Monday March 8th

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RC Report

  • RC: Wenliang (billlee) Li, billlee@jlab.org


CW could be sent to Hall A. A & C couldn't be brought up simultaneously (there could still be an issue). He3 target was not ready due to a position switch issue. Collected 4 hours of reference Cell data (H2) overnight. Overall, we have production beam onsight, and MCC day shifters are eager to give Hall A high-quality beam. We should be back online soon.

See a comprehensive Owl operation summary by Will Tireman: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4145057

Recent Issues

Current Status

  • No beam, target chamber door interlock issue is been fixed
  • Accelerator is up

Run Plan

  • Beam restoration
    • Harp Scene
    • Spot check
  • 40uA production (may be lower)

Data Collection and Polarization Status

Other Topics/Status Updates

  • Bill Henry found some interesting about the BBCAL trigger rate, and it might be related to the raster change see log entry below


  • Carlos also did some diagnostics with Grinch LED and dark rate, see below:


Requested Accesses to the Hall