RC meeting and Run Plan, Sunday February 19th

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RC Report


  • Recovery from the fire event was successful
  • Ran with ~45 uA beam overnight
  • Owl shift on 2/19 got 1 C - which is very good


  • DAQ recovery procedure is a big puzzle
  • Coordination of the "experts on call" - e.g. TH needs improvement
  • Beam trip rate is high and beam position moves a lot

Current Status

  • Production on He-3 target

Run Plan

  • Continue running 45 uA on He3
  • Accelerator will prioritize beam and not have any maintenance days this week

Data Collection and Polarization Status

  • 37.1C of uncorrected charge for this kinematic (42.8C of corrected charge which is 27% of the plan)
  • Last NMR 49.3%

Other Topics/Status Updates

  • Anything else?
  • Bill wants to change the raster settings after some analysis

Requested Accesses to the Hall

  • Jack would like to collect some cables