Remote Power Cycling

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This page contains instructions for how to power cycle outlets in the remote-controlled power strips in Hall A. More info on crate resets, like power strip names and what is plugged into them, can be found here.

Power Cycling the Outlets Remotely

  • Go to the reboot switch with the device you wish to power cycle like hareboot14.
  • Click on the tab at the top labeled `PDU'.
  • Click on 'Outlet Action:Control' and a list of the slots and their names will appear.
  • Next to `Control Action' select either `Turn On', `Turn Off', or `Reboot' based on your desired action. (Note: You may need to click the drop down menu that starts with 'Turn On' and use the arrow keys to select the other options as the menu sometimes doesn't appear.)
  • Then click the checkbox next to the outlets you wish to apply this action to and press the `Next' button.
  • You will be taken to a confirmation screen. Press `Apply' for the selected action to apply to the selected outlets.
  • Make a HALOG entry noting what you did and why.

List of Devices in hareboot14

  • the GRINCH camera is in switch 1 labelled GRINCH Camera.
  • The Upper HCal HV crate rpi20 power supply is in switch 2 labelled HCal Upper HV Crate rpi20.
  • The Lower HCal HV crate rpi21 power supply is in switch 4 labelled HCal Lower HV Crate rpi21.
  • The BB HV crate rpi17 power supply is in switch 6 labelled BB HV rpi17.
  • The BB HV crate rpi18 power supply is in switch 7 labelled BB HV rpi18.
  • The GRINCH LED pulser is in switch 8 labelled GRINCH LED Pulser.

  • The enpcamsonne PC is in switch 4 labelled enpcamsonne.
  • HCAL VTP 28 and 29 portserver in switch 5.
  • The HCal/BBCal threshold readback rpi is in switch 8 labelled HCal/BB Threshold Readback rpi.