Run Plan for 2-pass Setup

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  1. OPS tunes the beam on the dump. BigBite is at 750A. SBS is off. GEMs are off.
  2. Harp scans to check beam spot size. Ask MCC to take harp scans on Harps A and B (IHA1H04A and IHA1H04B) and ask them to post the results to our logbook Halog. When the results arrive fill in the green blanks in "Beam spot size at target" section of this spreadsheet and report/halog the values of the spot size calculated which show up in the red blanks. If the average of the Xsigma and Ysigma spot radii (1 sigma) is significantly less than 100 microns. Call the RC and ask what to do.
  3. Ion chamber calibration on the dump
  4. Ion chamber calibraiton on the 5-foil optics (this covers all optics targets)
  5. Target centering/raster calibration on the 2mm hole. Start with raster setting of H=1.8, W=4.0 as the best estimate of a 4mm*4mm raster. Use 1 uA. Step by step info here.. End with a raster setting that gives us a 2mm by 2mm spot as compared to the hole.
  6. SBS setup with new corrector values: +25% (525A in SBS), +50% (1050A in SBS), +75% (1575A in SBS), +100% (2100A in SBS). Since we don't plan to go above 50% full-field in this kinematic, we just need to do the first two points of the setup procedure. If we decide we need to go above 50%, we'll need to redo the full setup. SKIPPED since we will run at +30% only
  7. Set SBS to +30% (630A in SBS)
  8. Target centering on 2mm hole with nominal 2mm raster
  9. LH2 ion chamber calibration
  10. Turn on GEMs with beam off. Increment beam current up from 1uA to 6uA in 1uA steps, watching rates and GEM currents. Take data at each step?
  11. Collect data at 6uA beam current on LH2 with SBS=+30% for HCAL calibration. Take 10M events total.
    • We would need to use this data to decide if we're happy with +30% as the operating point. We are happy
  12. Set SBS to -10% (210A in SBS) Postponed can discuss at 10-21-21 RC meeting
  13. Check target centering on 2mm hole with nominal 2mm raster Postponed
  14. Collect data at 6uA beam current on LH2 with SBS=-10% for HCAL calibration. Take 10M events total. Postponed
  15. Decision point: does HCAL need another SBS setting? We are happy
    • If so, go to setting, do target centering, take 10M events of calibration data on LH2.
    • If not, proceed to next step
  16. Decision point: is +30% the operating point we want?Yes it is
    • If so, go to +30%, check target centering.
    • If not, go to operating point, do target centering. Take 10M events of LH2 data.
  17. Change to single-foil carbon. Take 1hr at 6uA
  18. Change to LD2.
  19. Start production running on LD2 at 3uA