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Many scripts are found under SBS-replay/scripts, found at this link

GEM Scripts

Note: Right now many files in the GEM directory are configuration and text files. We will need to clean these up. Please ignore these for now and only focus on the .C files

  • ConvertDecodeMap_newSSP.C

This script converts the "old" GEM configuration files format to the format used in the database file. gem_map_BigBite.txt is an example input file.

  • MakeOdef_and_cfg_files.C

This script takes an input GEM configuration and creates the "odef" and panguin configuration files needed for the GEMs. odef_config_bbgem_new.txt is an example of the input file for this script.

  • SBS_REPLAY/scripts/GEM_GainMatch.C

This is a in-progress gain matching script that loops over all hits on good tracks in a run. What it does is plots the ADC asymmetries (ADCU-ADCV)/(ADCU+ADCV) by combinations of individual APV cards, and feeds all this information into a fit that determines “relative gain” coefficients for each APV card in a GEM module. Within a module, the individual APV card with the most good hits is used as a “reference” with its gain fixed to 1, and the gains of all other APV cards are determined relative to the ”reference” APV card. One reason we haven’t been using these coefficients in the analysis thus far is that the way we use them in the code needs a bit of work to make sure that applying these gain coefficients does not cause an artificial reduction of the efficiency.These coefficients could, theoretically, be calculated on a run-by-run basis. In practice, however, they only need to be recalculated any time something changes with the HV setting or the latency or other changes in running conditions affecting the GEM signals.

HCal Scripts

For more up-to-date analysis scripts pertaining to HCal analysis, please see here.

BBCal Scripts

BBCAL_replay repository contains all the calibration and analysis related scripts for BBCal. Procedure wise How-To for BBCAL provides step-by-step guidance to carry out all the important BBCAL calibration and analysis procedures using those scripts.

GMn-nTPE Analysis Scripts

gmn-ana repository contains a framework for the GMn-nTPE analysis. All the analysis scripts can be found in gmn-ana/scripts.