SBS Software/GMN analysis meeting agendas and minutes

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GMN analysis meeting agendas/minutes

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Here is where we will collect the agendas and minutes for the newly constituted "SBS Software/GMN analysis" standing weekly meeting

Analysis Getting Started

Meeting time

Current Meeting time is Fridays at 1:00 PM US Eastern Time

Zoom meeting info

Due to security concerns, no longer posting the Zoom link publicly here.

Useful Links

Instructions for farm environment setup using Hall A modules: PDF

Instructions to setup simc on the JLab farm [1]

GMn analysis Redmine project: Link

nTPE analysis Redmine project: Link

SBS private DocDB (requires login): Link

Google Doc for Provakar's "Good Run List" of GMN production data organized by target: Link

Google Doc for the G4SBS field scale parameters and locations for the simulated data for GMn: Link

Google Doc for "SBS Run List" of all GMN runs organized by kinematic setting: Link

Old GMN run list for SBS1 and early SBS4 runs: Link

Google Doc for "GEN Run List" of all GEN runs organized by kinematic setting: Link

Google Doc for "Good Run List" of GEN production data: Link

Link to wiki page of run list containing information for SBS-1 kinematics: Old wiki-based run log

Google sheet with the schedule for rotating student progress reports: Link

Google sheet with Andrew's high-level TODO/wishlist for SBS/GMN analysis software: Link (view only, contact Andrew for write permission)

Google sheet with Zeke's List of GEM Logs (In-Progress): Link (view only, contact Zeke for write permission)

Student analysis wiki: Link

GMN/nTPE target info: Link

Proposals (GMn & nTPE)

SBS project proposal Link

Jeff Lachniet's PhD thesis (2005) Details of Hall B GMN analysis

Lachniet et al. PRL 2009 (GMN from CLAS at 6 GeV)

Links to Useful Git Repositories

analyzer Hall A analysis framework. Wiki

g4sbs MC simulation framework for SBS experiments. Documentation

simc_gfortran Realistic MC event generators for GMn/nTPE experiment.

libsbsdig Digitization library for g4sbs outputs. Documentation

SBS-offline Reconstruction framework for SBS.

SBS-replay Detector DB files, replay scripts, QA plot scripts, online monitoring plot configs, etc for SBS.

jlab-HPC Contains machinery to run simulation, digitization, & reconstruction jobs on JLab batch farm (or ifarm) with ease.

SBS-ANA Standalone Beam related calibration and analysis framework.

BBCal_replay Standalone BBCAL calibration and analysis framework. How-To

HCal_replay Standalone HCAL calibration and analysis framework.

SBSGEM_standalone Standalone GEM analysis framework. The machinery has been migrated to SBS-offline.

bbCommOptics BigBite optics calibration code.

Parse-GMn-ROOT-files Script to parse down large GMn ROOT files with global cuts. Can be adapted for GEn or any other SBS experiment.

General SBS Software Meetings (Every friday, 1 PM)

GMN/nTPE Analysis Meetings (Every Friday, 10 AM)

SBS Weekly Meeting Analysis