February 25, 2022

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  • Introduction of new organization and standing agenda of meeting, preliminary assignments of GMN analysis tasks. Slides
  • BCM calibration update (David Flay): Slides

Notable discussion/action items:

  • Declare independence from "standard" JLab software environments. Set up our own ROOT, analyzer, and SBS-offline in the group disk area that we control and maintain.
  • Set a deadline within a few weeks from today to freeze the "release/version number" of SBS-offline and SBS-replay for first mass cooking of the data
  • Prioritize first mass cooking of the data over having "perfect" calibrations and analysis code--some of this can proceed in parallel. Having all of the data replayed in a first pass allows students to learn while "final" code and database are developed in parallel.
  • Students should also become familiar with Monte Carlo simulation. Event generators for GMN analysis need work. Radiative corrections, deuteron model, Fermi-smearing, binding effects, etc. See what physics content we can re-use/re-implement from SIMC and other "standard" Monte Carlo tools in use around JLab.