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RC phone: 757-876-1787
If calling from offsite add 757-269 to extensions
Counting house: SL: 5501, TO:5507
MCC: 7046 & 7047 & 7048
Crew chief: 7045
Guard house: 8522
GEn contact information
Quick Links
Shift Schedule
Weekly beamtime reports
Run Coordinator Weekly Summary
Safety docs
Daily Meetings
Run log spreadsheet
MCC 7:45 AM Zoom More connection info
MCC 8AM Zoom More connection info
MCC Weds 13:30 Zoom More connection info
HallA Weekly Meeting ZoomGov

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Please Read

Please Read The Page Linked Here Before Your GEn RC Stint

Please Read The Page Linked Here Before Your GMn RC Stint

Daily Meetings

Daily Meetings

GMn Daily Meetings

Establishing Beam in the Hall

Establishing Beam Into the Hall

Key Points of Contact

  • Program deputy: organizes the day to day operation of the accelerator (757) 876-7997
  • Zachary Remele: organizes the installation of equipment in the Hall (757) 269-5544,
  • Bogdan Wojtsekhowski: spokesperson on all experiments
  • Mark Jones: Hall Leader (757) 269-7733
  • ---: physics division liason for GEn
  • Subsystems Experts
  • Spokespersons

RC Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the experiment
  • Check shift schedule and training status of your shift crew (before YOU start!)
    • Note! As RC you have been added as editors of the shift schedule so that you can cancel and re-assign shifts as needed. You may also contact Don Jones and request that he make edits if you wish.
    • Shift sign up page, read only
    • Training status: Skill Requirements List. Fill in the user's name and search.
      • Training requirement to take shift (should be also found in the COO)
        • SAF100 : ES&H Orientation
        • SAF801 : Rad Worker
        • SAF103 : Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) Training
        • SAF110 : Hall A Walkthrough
        • List of trained Target Operators
  • Attend the daily MCC meetings (7:45 AM, 8 AM Daily).
    • 7:45 RC report meeting (RCs only): Zoom link. If you are asked for a passcode or have other connection issues see more information here.
    • 8:00 MCC morning meeting: Zoom link. If you are asked for a passcode or have other connection issues see more information here.
  • Attend and report at the weekly MCC scheduling meeting Wed 1:30PM scheduling (for weekly RC report): Zoom link. If you are asked for a passcode or have other connection issues see more information here.
    • Run Coordinator Weekly Summary
      • Use this calendar to calculate "Percentage of total scheduled experiment hours to date" GEnEllapsedCalendar.png
      • To calculate "Percentage of total experiment data collected to date" find the latest entry in the "Accumulated Charge Uncorrected (C)" column of this spreadsheet and add it to the total charge from previous kinematics and divide by 232 C which is the desired total charge on polarized He3.
    • Past weekly beamtime reports
  • Send daily updates to the halla_running list with the essentials.
  • Attend and report (summary slides preferred) at the weekly Hall A meeting (Tue 1:30 PM)
  • Update the Daily Run Plan and clearly communicate it to the shift crew. Each RC will have their own preferences but a very useful method shown here Week8 simply links the run plan to Halog entries. This Halog can be updated by the RC and emailed to the collaboration from the Halog browser. Did you know that you can make tables in a Halog entry by choosing "User WYSIWYG" from the Text dropdown menu near the bottom of the Halog new entry page?
  • Run the Daily Meetings at 3:30-4:00 pm in the counting house conference room
  • Check on shift crews at the start of each shift (especially if new)

Useful links

Contact Information Run log spreadsheet GEn Run log spreadsheet GMn